Detached house in Mijas

On a house under construction, abandoned for years, we were asked to build a new house. Tearing down what was built and starting over would have been the easiest thing to do, but the difficulty in demolishing and subsequently moving the rubble made it very difficult and costly, given the location and configuration of the plot, so everything had to be reused to build a new house following the guidelines of the original building, but transforming the old project, which was outdated and lacked interest for the owners. In this way, by means of a metal structure we were able to raise a new floor so that the structure was independent from the pre-existing load-bearing walls. The semi-basement was also excavated until it was adapted to the new requirements. The final result was very successful, because although it seemed impossible, that ruin was transformed into a new modern, cozy and elegant home. Project and construction carried out in 2013.